Daddy: Harper Ferencik (Tray)


ED: 0

OCD: free
DNA TNS/CL: normal

CEA: carrier

Tray is a full time farm and trial dog (now running in class 3) with double registration (ISDS and FCI). He is a talented young dog with great physical and mental strength, he won’t quit until his job is done - he will continue where most other dogs would give up already. He is an intelligent cool headed dog, friendly with people and other dogs. He is athletic, fast, agile and obedient, also an easy dog in everyday life.
Till now he is father of 3 litters, his puppies are developing very nicely both physically and mentally.
Both Tray’s parents are working on farms in Slovakia and Italy. Some of his siblings are active in herding and dog sports like agility or obedience and some of them are working as assistant dogs.

Harper Ferencik

Mommy: Astra Latika (Latika)


ED: 0

OCD: free

DNA CEA, TNS: normal

Latika loves running canicross and working as a companion on sports camps with kids. Pups from her first litter are good sporting dogs.

Astra Latika

Grandfather: Blacksheep Roy (Roy)

HD: A     

ED: 0/0

PRA,CEA,KAT, Glaucoma: Negativ (2019)

DNA CEA/CH: Normal
DNA TNS: Normal
DNA IGS: Normal
DNA SN: Normal

Roy is a farm dog, he works with cattle and sheep every day.

Blacksheep Roy

Grandmother: Tess at Ferencik (Tess)

HD: A     

ED: 0/0

OCD: free

DNA CEA: Carrier
DNA TNS: Carrier
DNA IGS: Normal
DNA GG: Normal

Tess is a farm dog, she works with cattle and sheep every day. 



22.05.2016 Smolenice [SK] - IHT 2 - Martin Kosa [SK] - RET
13.09.2015 Turany [SK] - Trial 2 - Milena Topinková [CZ] - 42 TIME -
15.08.2015 Vysoký Újezd [CZ] - IHT 2 - Martin Maček [CZ] - 42 - RET
06.09.2014 Turany [SK] - Trial 2 - Milena Topinková [CZ] - 54 TIME - (2)
06.09.2014 Turany [SK] - IHT 2 - Milena Topinková [CZ] - DIS
10.08.2014 Budišov n.Bud. [CZ] - IHT 1 - Miroslav Vostřez - 91 - (13) 
26.04.2014 Banská Bystrica [SK] - IHT 1 - Zuzana Černá [CZ] - RET
01.11.2013 Kettenreith [AT] - Trial 1 - Matthias Lebang [DE] - 73 - (12) 
19.10.2013 Hamiltony [CZ] - IHT 1 - Zuzana Černá [CZ] - 84 - (10) 
15.09.2013 Turany [SK] - Herding working test - Radko Loučka [CZ] - 92 points

Tess at Ferencik

Grandfather: Astra Dale (Dale)

HD: 7:6

ED: 0:0

DNA CEA, TNS, IGS: normal

Astra Dale is our Number ONE flock and trials dog.

He has the most amazing character and work ethic.

He is either chilling out totally relaxed or he is in FULL work mode.

see his photo album to see what we mean


Placed in Open sheepdog trials and winner of Local Lintrathen Sheepdog Trials 2012


A kind and willing nature extreemly loyal but will work for anyone.

His "Off Switch" is very pronounced yet when there is work needed

he can really deliver with no hint of giving up - and will produce tonnes of effort and more.

This dog has loads of power and brains for Hill work or yard work

Truly outstanding as a lamging dog

Astra Dale

Grandmother: Astra Jigsaw (Jigsaw)

DNA CEA: carrier

TNS, IGS: normal

Jigsaw has never been to the vets for anything other than routine vacinations.

Jigsaw (Jiggly as she is never completely still) when not "Switched Off"

has a very fun loving character, eager to please you and quick to learn.

a good "Off Switch".

She is noise "Happy" meaning that she is not fearful

but rather reactive and tends to bark and chase noise - this is a learnt behaviour.


Jiggly is the mother of Astra Smoke (by Astra Alfie -sire of Taff)

Smoke is showing huge potential as a sheepdog and will probably make a good trials dog for a novice handler as he is easy to handle.


Jigsaw is also the mother to Astra Neo of Lynn Woods.

Jigsaw as a working dog

Jigsaw is a very stylish dog on the sheep, easy to handle and natural balance.

Jigsaw is an ideal dog for Students to handle when

we hold our Sheepdog and Handler training courses,

as she is quite natural though tends to have a bit of eye

which usually makes her easier to stop.

Astra Jigsaw