Name: Exquisite Taste Searcher

D.O.B 25.09.2018

Height: 52cm                  Weight: 16kg

DNA: CEA, TNS, MDR1, NCL5, GG, RS, IGS: normal

DNA EAOD, SN, MC, PLL, HUU, Cystirunia Type II-A: normal

HD: B |  ED: 0 | OCD: FREE 

Herding achivments: soon

Color code: awatBbD?EmEmKbkySSmm

-/dup (carries saddle tan)

Coat: ll (rough)

Pike was born from this combination: Blaze Red Bury and Amber Wave Daenerys. His parents are good sport dogs, but Pike is too soft for me and because he will be never use as stud dog.


My husband want to puppy. I know Nery well enough, so we decided to get a puppy. He was not planned, but my husband is very pleased with his choice.

In work, he has a good balance and good movements. His style is very different from the style of working dogs. He also quickly loses concentration in his work and cannot work under pressure. And he is easy to handle.